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Shandong Runyang Chemical Co., Ltd. sales center is located in Jinan, the provincial capital, the factory is located in the beautiful seasideYantai Longkou city, close to Mou Huang Road, convenient transportation, geographical location。The enterprise covers an area of 60Mu, garden-style factory design, living area elegant environment, complete supporting facilities;Production area modernization of productionWorkshop, all kinds of production equipment more than 100 sets, annual production capacity of more than 20,000 tons。Company products nowCovers herbicides, insecticides (underground pests), acaricides, fungicides, trace instant fertilizer five series sixMore than a dozen varieties, and has been deeply recognized by dealers and farmers in the market。

The company in safety, environmental protection, quality management and other aspects of the multi-pronged, pay close attention to unremitting。Safety aspect:The company is a three-level safety standardization enterprise of the Safety supervision Bureau, and has always adhered to the "safety first and advance" in the development processThe "prevention first" production policy, closely grasp the safety training and education, increase the safety investment, to zero since its establishmentThe results of the accident have been recognized by the safety supervision departments at all levels;Environmental protection: The company passed the construction project in 2012Environmental acceptance, in 2017, keep up with the new national situation and new requirements to continue to increase investment in environmental protection, improve waste gas,Wastewater treatment equipment and facilities, carried out the status of the environmental impact assessment and filed in Longkou Environmental Protection Bureau completed,2017 The pollutant discharge permit was obtained on December 27.Quality: The company regards quality as the foundation of enterprise security,From the perfection of the formula, procurement source quality control, production link layer by layer control, the next link inspectionLinks, process inspection, finished product inspection, factory inspection and other checkpoints will firmly lock product quality in the safety line内。Laboratory personnel must be undergraduate or above chemical related professionals, laboratory equipment advanced。我公Department laboratory in the provincial pesticide industry association annual comparative experimentsAll obtained excellent results and obtained "Excellent.Show Lab "title。

In recent years, Runyang company with innovative product image, solid production technology and strongThe momentum of development, perfect among the forefront of the industry, glory plus body: in 2008 Runyang became the first batchContinue to approve designated pesticide production enterprises;In 2012, it became the ninth Council of China Pesticide Industry Association员单位; 2016 年成为山东省农药工业协会第七届理事会会员单位;在山东In the 2017 Shandong Province pesticide "four cultivation" selection activities organized by the provincial pesticide inspection Institute, Shandong RunyangChemical Co., Ltd. production of Huofeng brand 200g/L ammonium phosphine water products, won the "0 10 famous pesticide brandProduct "title;In 2018, it successfully passed the assessment of "four ratings and one evaluation" at one time, and in AprilSuccessfully obtain new pesticide production licenses and keep up with industry policy changes。The company now owns China Agricultural Agriculture63 pesticide registration certificates of the village Ministry, 18 pesticide approval certificates of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, trademarks of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce66 registration certificates, more than 30 documents in transit, the company in the production and planning of products are all efficient, safe,Environmental protection products for the further development of the company escort。

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