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Shandong Runqi Biotechnology Co., LTD

Company profile


       Shandong Runqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Plant protection Technology Industrial Park, covering an area of more than 120 acres, which is equipped with world-class standardized, intelligent, three-dimensional workshop and automatic production line, separate herbicide workshop, insecticide workshop, intelligent office building and the corresponding staff living area。

       Enterprises adhering to the group development, focus on the establishment of a complete series of environmentally friendly pesticide products, now has leather removal agent, insecticide, fungicide, plant growth regulator five series of more than 100 certificates, the company will increase the registration of new products according to the development of enterprises and market changes every year。

       In order to better develop in the increasingly complex market competition environment, the company will upgrade the traditional sales partner to a new business partner model, and truly share resources in the whole industry chain to seize market opportunities to maximize the benefits of both sides and achieve a community of interests。The company will focus on superior product resources and partners to jointly create a new sales platform to make products more competitive in the market, shorten the process and time chain of traditional production and marketing model, create a new production and marketing system, and achieve a high degree of combination of production and sales。

       The enterprise originated from the land of Qilu, and also took Qilu culture as its own cultural heritage, and put the spirit of Confucianism and commerce, modesty and win-win in the hearts of all Runqi people。Runqi today by you and I witness, Runqi tomorrow by you and I create!

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