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Since its establishment, Runyang has always maintained a rapid development trend.2017 Runyang Company integratedThe two enterprises have enriched the company's production line and market resources, and established Shandong Runshang Biotechnology Co., LTDThe division and Shandong Runxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. began to move toward group operation and achieved sales revenue that year3 亿元。2018 The company further expanded product resources, standardized operation of wheat field, rice field series,Good results are received and sales are expected to be achieved 3.5 亿到 4 Hundred million yuan。2019 After years 3The Southeast Asian and South American markets will begin to operate, Runyang's internationalization strategy is about to take a new mile。

      2020 At the end of the first decade of this century, Runyang will surely move forward 5 One hundred million yuan mark, Yun Yang people haveThis confidence!In the future, the company will build a national R & D center, with advanced product types and qualityOccupy a dominant position in the international competition of the industrial chain, further explore overseas markets, and form a radiating world campPin network。

Scientific and technological innovation, strengthening internal management is the eternal theme of Runyang people, the company's development and growth processIs the process of constantly strengthening quality management and brand building, tomorrow Runyang will continue to adhere to the spirit of customers, employees,The concept of common development and mutual achievement of enterprises and society continues to take the road of win-win development。Moisten the earth,Yangfeng 10000, is our purpose of Runyang people, but also our perseverance, continuous pursuit of the goal!

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