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Runyang Group, wind and rain for ten years。

Runyang Group has four subsidiaries: Shandong Runyang Chemical Co., LTD., Shandong Runxi Biotechnology Co., LTD., Shandong Runshang Biotechnology Co., LTD., and Shandong Lingtuo Agricultural Technology Co., LTD。The company's products now cover herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, imported fertilizer packaging, soil amendments, plant growth regulators, nearly 100 product series of complete production lines。The company has 67 pesticide registration certificates of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, more than 100 trademark registration certificates of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and more than 30 documents in transit, which is the further development of the companyescort。

十大娱乐老平台现有Two production bases, respectively located in Jinan City Shanghe County and Yantai Longkou City。Original production baseLocated in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai Longkou, close to Mou Huang Road, convenient transportation, superior geographical position。Enterprise floor space50 mu, living area environment elegant, complete supporting facilitiesIn order to adapt to the company's development,2017年我The company is in Hanmiao town, ShanghePlant protection Technology Industrial ParkExpropriate land120亩,产能50,000 tons/year, the annual output value can reach 2 billion yuan。Eighteen new single workshop, the production workshop design adopts a duplex three-dimensional structure, to create unmanned workshop and three-dimensional warehouse, the production process is all DCS network control, to achieve raw materials in and out, transportation, storage all digital, mechanization, automation。Built product dosage forms coveredSoluble solutionAgent, water emulsion,Micro-emulsion, water-dispersed granule, wettable powder, suspension agent,Dispersible oil suspension agent, etc., can produce herbicides, insecticides, fungicides three series八十Multiple varieties of products。

The company in safety, environmental protection, quality management and other aspects of multi-pronged。The company is a three-level safety standardization enterprise of the safety supervision Bureau, and has always been adhering toThe production policy of "safety first, prevention first";The year 2012Longkou base passed environmental acceptance,In 2017, we will continue to increase investment in environmental protection, improve waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment and facilities, and obtain a pollutant discharge permit on December 27, 2017.Company production link layer by layer controlLaboratory staff are all undergraduate and above chemical related professionals, advanced laboratory equipment, including gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, ultraviolet spectrophotometer and other testing equipment more than 20 sets。The laboratory has obtained excellent results in the annual comparative experiments of the provincial pesticide Industry Association, and has obtained many times"Excellent Laboratory" title。

The company is doing well.In 2017, Runyang integrated the two companies,Shandong Runshang Biotechnology Co., LTD and Shandong Runxi Biotechnology Co., LTD were established,Began to group operation,Sales revenue of 300 million yuan that year;In 2018, Shandong Runyang Chemical Co., Ltd. complied with industry requirements,The first batch obtained the pesticide production license issued by the provincial Agriculture Department;In 2018, it was awarded the title of "Top 50 Pesticide Preparations" by China Pesticide Industry Association;In 2019, it was selected by the China Pesticide Industry Association as the "47th Top 100 Enterprises Producing Pesticide Preparations";From 2018 to 2020, the company will further expand product resources,Standardized operation of wheat field, rice field series,Achieved sales 3.500 million to 400 million yuanIn 2020, it won the title of "High-tech Enterprise of Shandong Province"。        Runyang's rise is inseparable from the support of many excellent partners. At the technical processing level, the company has conducted technical cooperation with large multinational companies such as Azeres and Solvay for more than ten years, and has become a strategic partner for technical support。Chemical giants such as Nanjing Red Sun Co., LTD., Zhongnong Lihua Biotechnology Co., LTD., Nantong Jiangshan Pesticide Chemical Co., LTD., Sichuan Lier Crop Science Co., LTD., Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Pesticide Technology Co., Ltd. are Runyang's partners。Tomorrow, Runyang will continue to adhere to the concept of common development and mutual achievement of customers, employees, enterprises and society, and continue to take the road of win-win development。

Moistening the earth, Yangfeng10,000, is our purpose of moistening people, but also our perseverance, continuous pursuit of the goal!

Welcome to Runyang family!

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